Forms Of Payment You Should Take If You Open A CBD Oil Shop

Posted on: 29 January 2018

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a hemp by-product and extraction of the hemp plant. Closely related to the marijuana plant, and sometimes extracted from the male (versus female) marijuana plant, it is used in recipes as well as a medicine for multiple ailments. If you want to sell CBD oil, you will need the ways and means to accept various forms of payment. Here are some that would work best for your new business.

Digital Payments

Companies like PayPal, Bitcoin, and Dwolla are all examples of digital payments. Because they are nothing like traditional banking institutions, it is easier to send and receive payments for your CBD oil. It is also easier to take payments in locations where it would be difficult to use a debit or credit card. Since it is really easy to set up this kind of account and send payments for goods and services, all of your customers will appreciate your willingness to take this form of payment.

Money Orders

Checks are no longer a good idea, since they can be cancelled almost immediately after the are written, and they can also bounce. Sending CBD oil packages through the mail and accepting a check as payment is far too risky. Instead, tell your customers that you would be more than happy to accept a money order, which is a money-backed form of paper exchange currency. It was paid for with cash, and it represents the sum total of the amount due. The money order can only be cancelled by the purchaser, and only when said money order is in the purchaser's hands.

Card Readers

If you attend a craft fair or healthy foods and goods event, it is a good idea to have a card reader or two. This CBD retail payment processing option allows your card reader device to take money from the buyer's card and transfer it into your digital payment account. The amount can only be reversed if the customer argues it and then provides proof that he/she did not make a particular purchase. Protect your sales by recording every one, and by writing a handwritten receipt if you do not have a receipt generator/printer.

Offer All of the Above

People have their own preferred methods of payment. To maximize your sales of CBD oil, offer to take all of the above forms of payment. This simplifies the transactions for your customers and you.Contact a service, like CBD Merchant Account for more help.


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